Hope ur dream will come true

i dont konw why ..i keep thinking  about you ... 
our distance just be come further and further away from each other
hope u will become what u wanna be.. dont give ur self to much of pressure ..
i know u want be become more stronger .. more independence ..
when ur tired ..take a break ..
when ur alone ..out side pls ..take care of ur self ..

now i know what is the feeling u have at the last two year ..
very bad ! it hurt in side hard it let go someone u love .
is ok .
i dont want any thing from u.. only one thing just one thing i just want to see u happy.
just that only ..

                                                          is ok .
                                    .where you go .what difficulties u have  
                                         what danger u walk in to  
                                .i dont care how hard  .how difficult it take ..
                                                i dont care what it take 
                                                  i will just behind you