What I Done

Sha Gua ..Don't run to far !!

Is this the end i decisive 
at the i give you my world ..
It  so cool every night when i sleep dark....
i try to be strong , i try ... but i cant ,it's hurt very bad ..
time can't wash a way the memory in my heart .. 
where i belong to.? when i'm not around you 
it's not like me .. when you gone ..
 i can't sleep good every night ..
i miss those eye when you look at me 
it make me happy when you look at me every time 
i see your eye ,when i close mine 
i keep feeling you will come back ..
i know one day you will come back ...
i will still waiting for you 
the door in my heart will always open for you  ..

i miss the way we hug ,
i miss every thing about you 
i can't believe i still want you
every night i still thinking about you 
after all thous  thing we have been  through 
without you my life is nothing but dark sky 
is this the way to say good bye ?  
i was wrong all the way ...
this fore year is not a waste of time .. 
i know .... 

 please come back ... 
please ...........